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Video - A little history about Brimka Haus

Beautiful  Black & Red West German Showlines 

Some of the exercises we do with our puppies...

Susan T.  from Naperville Illinois writes...

"I got my puppy Ava, in the beginning of Jan, 2020. From the first contact I had with Laura of BrimkaHaus German Shepherds through eight months of puppyhood Laura has been and is the most caring and involved breeder I have ever worked with. I can’t list all the amazing things she does for both their physical and mental well-being because she is above and beyond what anyone would expect. I really just can’t say enough about you Laura! Feeding your dogs a raw food diet, playing classical music for the puppies in utero, delivery and then their first car ride, giving them a bath the night before they leave so they don’t have to go through that as they are transitioning, the ENS and  Puppy Culture protocol. It’s a very big list of incredible-ness !!  Thank you!  Thank you!

I could not be happier with the fun, smart and very sweet Shepherd that I get to be dog mom to!!"



Welcome to Brimka Haus!

Where we bring  joy into  your life.


We are a small, but serious hobby breeder, located in south central WI. We produce one or two litters a year of West German Showline, German Shepherd puppies. These litters are carefully planned and our goal is to improve the breed. We are dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog. We strive for sound temperament, beauty, and intelligence for a phenomenal family pet. It is our duty and privilege to produce for you, a healthy and vibrant puppy. With that in mind, we work diligently for you by providing health clearances on the sire and dam and an abundance of early socialization for the pups.​

Contact to join our private  FB group.  Here you can interact with other Brimka Haus pup buyers, watch their pups grow and ask questions. 
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