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SG1 Flora vom Mittelwest 

Hip: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
Elbow: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
ZW 77   DM Clear
UPDATE: Flora was retired from breeding at age 6.  At age 7, Flora moved to her retirement home and happily lives with Eric and Lana in Northern WI. 
Flora vom Mittelwest is an incredibly beautiful West German showline German Shepherd Dog.  She has near perfect structure and has earned a SG1 show title. Flora is a an average sized female weighing 70 pounds.  She is an excellent example of the breed standard. 

Flora comes from a long line of V and VA dogs. Flora has an impressive pedigree with 18 VAs in her first four generations.  Flora is sired by VA3 (NASS) Duras vom Holtkämper See. 

Flora came to live with our family in August of 2015.  She loves all people.  Flora has a tremendous amount of drive and  energy. She is also very puppy like and to this end is a bit mouthy and jumpy.  Flora enjoys running along side my daughter, while my daughter roller blades down the street.  Or should I say, my daughter receives a "gentle" tug down the street.  
Flora has produced three outstanding litters at Brimka Haus.  She produces beautiful black and deep red pups.  Flora also produces about 50% long coats, some of the most stunning long coat in the midwest.  She is a very doting mother and is a bit protective of her babies.   

Flora is a happy and healthy member of the Brimka Haus family.  She is loved dearly and well cared for.  We are most fortunate to have Flora vom Mittelwest here at Brimka Haus.

Flora's Hip & Elbow Certs and DM Clear Status 



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