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Nikita vom Grunwald Haus 

 DM Carrier
Nikita vom Grunwald Haus, a German Shepherd Dog
Nikita vom Grunwald Haus is an incredibly beautiful West German showline German Shepherd Dog.  She has near perfect structure and a beautiful vibrant black and red coat. Nikita is a petite, dainty female weighing 68 pounds.  She is an excellent example of the breed standard. 

Nikita comes from a long line of V and VA dogs. Nikita has an impressive pedigree with 18 VAs in her first four generations. Nikita is sired by VA2 (BSZS) Desperados vom Pendler. 

Nikita came to live with our family in August of 2017.  She is a very sweet dog that possesses an attitude of love and gentleness with everyone she meets.  Although, she does have a protective nature and enjoys barking at strangers that enter our home. Nikita is a bit of a velcro dog and is most at ease when she is near her humans.
Nikita is a happy and healthy member of the Brimka Haus family.  She is loved dearly and well cared for. We are most fortunate to have Nikita vom Grunwald as a breeding female here at Brimka Haus.

Nikita's Hip & Elbow Certs and DM Status 



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