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Nov 6  


Step 1... Please read the About Pages and the Homepage on this website. You will have to gain site membership for this. 

Step 2...  Fill out the Brimka Haus application.  


Step 3... I will then call you.  I like to briefly speak to interested individuals.  


Step 4...  If after we speak on the phone you are still interested; I will forward a document titled, "Things to Consider when Purchasing a Brimka Haus Pup".  This will explain the purchasing process further.  

Step 5... I will invite you to join my group where you are able to observe the different activities I do with the pups, via videos and pics.  You will also be able to meet other Brimka Haus pup buyers and view their puppy posts. (Most Brimka Haus buyers enjoy watching other Brimka Haus pups grow up.)   


Step 6... If after a couple of days in the group you are ready to put down a deposit on a pup, I would accept the deposit at this time.  

Deposit amount is $400. This is a non refundable deposit, but is transferable to another litter.   If the breeding doesn't take, your deposit is returned to you.  If there is not enough males and or females to fulfill the reservations, your deposit is returned to you.

If you have a particular question, please call 608 561 1049. 
or email I will not respond to texts.
Thanks for your cooperation.  


The one thing we knew for certain at that age is that she would be so beautiful.  She already had it going and we saw her parents, how could she not be a showstopper.  What we know now at 7 months is that she is funny.  She does things to make us laugh and she knows she is funny and cute.  She is very cuddly.  She cuddles like a lap dog.  Has no clue her size.  She allows us to poke, prod, feel, explore any part of her body and never growls or shows us she is irritated.  She, of course, LOVES kids


Lyn, Puppy Buyer

I don't think you will find another breeder who puts as much time, effort, and most of all heart & love into a litter of puppies. Laura is the whole package for a breeder and the extra bonus of the 4 kid socialization crew!  As I said many times: thanks to you & your family for giving Finn such a great start in life, I don't think any breeder does it any better than you!!!!


Suzette, Puppy Buyer

Maverick has a super temperament, and I'm sure that it is due to the wonderful socialization Laura  and her family provide the pups (in addition to good breeding, of course!). We had a family with young children staying with us this weekend. The kids (who don't have any pets) were fascinated with Maverick. In addition to frequently petting him, they were touching his ears, examining his feet and tail, and even getting in his face. Maverick very patiently allowed them to do it. When he was really tired and had enough, he just got up and moved away.


Bonnie, Puppy Buyer

Rachel, Puppy Buyer

I just want to take a minute to brag about this handsome boy of ours. He is such a sweet, gentle, intelligent pup. Granted he has his moments, but he is always wanting to be where you are; if I get up to go to the kitchen- he is there (mostly hoping to get an ice cube), as I get ready for work he lays on the bed with such sad puppy dog eyes hoping I'd give in and just stay home with him, if I run through a drive thru to get food he is right there with me. Each day he amazes Matt and I, and each day we are so grateful to have him with us. We love this guy more than anything and thank Laura for raising such amazing, well tempered pups. We are proud to say we have a Brimka Haus pup ❤️😊

Our puppies raised using the
Puppy Culture Protocols.

 Brimka Haus

Where new experiences and socialization are 
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