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Reservations & Frequently Asked Questions 

Puppies Born 
 Feb 8, 2023



Step 1... Please read the About Pages and the Homepage on this website.  

Step 2...  Then call 608 405 6360.  I like to briefly speak to interested individuals 


Step 3...  If after we speak on the phone you are still interested; I will forward a document titled, "Things to Consider when Purchasing a Brimka Haus Pup".  This will explain the purchasing process further.  

Step 4... I will invite you to join my group where you are able to observe the different activities I do with the pups, via videos and pics.  You will also be able to meet other Brimka Haus pup buyers and view their puppy posts. (Most Brimka Haus buyers enjoy watching other Brimka Haus pups grow up.)   


Step 5... If after a couple of days in the group you are ready to put down a deposit on a pup, I would accept the deposit at this time.  I would also ask that you fill out the Brimka Haus puppy questionnaire.  

Deposit amount is $400. This is a non refundable deposit, but is transferable to another litter.   If the breeding doesn't take, your deposit is returned to you.  If there are not enough males and or females to fulfill the reservations, your deposit is returned to you.

Frequently Asked  Questions

When am I able to put down a deposit on a puppy?

After the breeding takes place, after we speak on the phone, after you understand the buying process, after you read my website, after you spend a few days in the FB Group; then Brimka Haus will accept a deposit.  

Are there any circumstances where Brimka Haus will refund a deposit? 


Yes, if the breeding does not take or at the time of placement Brimka Haus does not have a pup for you.  

Am I able to transfer my deposit to another litter?

Yes, you are able to do this at any point during the buying process.  If you transfer to another litter due to no puppies you would be placed ahead of others that had placed a deposit.  If you are transferring your deposit to another litter for any other reason then you would be put at the end of the current list.

If I put down a deposit am I guaranteed a puppy?

No, putting down a deposit on a pup is not a guarantee that you will receive a puppy.   Brimka Haus tries to screen applicants very well. Brimka Haus  likes to make sure that their pup will be a good fit for the buyer.  Therefore, it is possible, although rare, that your deposit may be returned to you.  This may happen with no explanation. 

What is a Puppy Party?

The Puppy Party happens when the pups are eight weeks old.  It is when buyers come and meet the puppies and sometimes the parents.  It is a time when the puppies get to meet a bunch of people and we do exercises with the puppies.  We generally have food and socialize.  It is a bona fide meet and greet. 


What types of payments does Brimka Haus accept for the $400 deposit?


Brimka Haus accepts PayPal, cash and personal checks for DEPOSITS; although, Brimka Haus will only hold a pup for three business days while waiting for a personal check to arrive via the US Postal system.  

What types of payments does Brimka Haus accept for the final payment?

At the time of pick-up, Brimka Haus accepts cash only (this is not a money order or a cashier’s check, it is cash the green stuff).  PayPal is acceptable two weeks prior to pick-up, but there is an extra fee for using PayPal for final payment, but not for the deposit.  If paying with a personal check, it needs to arrive at Brimka Haus two weeks prior to picking up your puppy.  Brimka Haus is not responsible for the US Postal System losing a check or it not arriving two weeks before pick up.  You can also leave a personal check at the puppy Party. 

Am I allowed to pick my puppy?

Brimka Haus does not allow puppy buyers to pick their puppy.  You have a choice of sex, based on a signed deposit form.  Brimka Haus chooses puppies for buyers based on the puppies' temperament and on the buyers' experience with GSDs and or working breeds.     

Please keep in mind, sometimes, although rare,  Brimka Haus may decide to keep a puppy for their breeding program and in this case there may not be an available puppy for you.  Your deposit would be refunded, as there would not be a puppy available for you. 

At what age do puppy picks occur?

Brimka Haus picks pups for buyers at eight weeks of age.  Brimka Haus does not recommend puppy picks much before eight weeks of age.

At what age do puppies go to their new/forever home?

The pup is ready to go home at ten weeks of age and after his/her health check performed by Brimka Haus' veterinarian. Your puppy will have a vet check when he is between nine and 10 weeks old. Depending on the veterinarian’s schedule and where weekends and or holidays fall, will determine the exact date of your puppy’s vet check.  After the vet exam, your puppy will most likely be able to leave that day for its new home.  Your puppy must be 100% healthy to go home the same day as the vet check.  If the vet determines that the pup is not 100% healthy, the pup will remain with Brimka Haus until said aliment has passed. Sometimes pups go home between 8 and 9 weeks

When can I come and visit the puppies?

Every litter has a "puppy party".  (Covid has prevented this) It is important that you attend this event.  It is likely the only event in which you will be able to meet the parents and  visit the puppies.  Once I know the due date of the litter I will schedule this event.  Depending on when you place your deposit, you will have up to a four month notice, as to the date of the puppy party. I open my home to all puppy buyers and I provide food and a chance to socialize with other Brimka puppy buyers.  This is generally a fun event and well attended.  


I understand that this type of visiting might not bode well with every puppy buyer and this is OK.  However I raise puppies out of my home, I do not have a kennel with business hours.  I do have oodles of references that you can call.  I have a private FB group where you can see all of my previous puppies and "chat" with previous Brimka Haus buyers.  The group is very active and when I have a litter of puppies, I post almost daily.

Does Brimka Haus allow prospective puppy buyers to visit the parents?


No, Brimka Haus does not allow people to visit the parents, only buyers and only at the Puppy Party.

Does Brimka Haus require a fenced in yard.

Yes we do require a fenced in yard.  Your yard does not have to be large, but you do need to have an area large enough that your one year old GSD can run freely in.

Does Brimka Haus require previous German Shepherd Dog experience?

The short answer is yes.  The long answer is some other working breeds might be substituted for GSD experience.  This issue should be brought up during the first phone call.  In all instances, if you have never owned a dog I will not sell you a GSD.  


Does Brimka Haus allow people to show up at the puppy's home and leave with a puppy on the same day?

No, Brimka Haus does require one visit to the breeder's home, at least one week prior to you taking your puppy home. 


Does Brimka Haus allow AKC full-registration?


Yes, when the dog is two years old and has passed the OFA certification for hips and elbows.  Buyer would be responsible for the fee to revoke the limited registration, currently that fee is $25. 

Does Brimka Haus guarantee coat color or coat length of puppy?


No, Brimka Haus does not guarantee coat colors (not enough red or too much black) or length of coat.  If you put down a deposit on a female pup and all the females are long coats and you don’t want a long coat then you do not have to purchase a pup from Brimka Haus, but the deposit is non-refundable.  The deposit is however, transferable to another litter. At this time, you would “get in line” with the other previous depositors.   

Does Brimka Haus guarantee a puppy for breeding or show?

No, Brimka Haus does not guarantee puppies for breeding or showing.  While many puppies appear to have show quality Brimka Haus does guarantee for this.  Brimka Haus prides themselves on providing you with a 10 week old puppy that is well socialized, has a great temperament and is in excellent health. Brimka Haus breeds and raises Outstanding Family Companions.  

Does Brimka Haus require a spay/neuter contract?

No, Brimka Haus does not require a spay/neuter contract.  Current research suggests that spaying and neutering is not in the best interest of your puppy/dog.  Spaying your German Shepherd Dog before 24 months of age is associated with a higher risk of joint damage, adverse reaction to vaccines, autoimmune disease, incontinence., and certain types of cancers.  If you wish to sterilize your puppy/dog, I would recommend a vasectomy for males and an ovary sparing spay for females.  These procedures can be performed on young dogs.

If you have a particular question, please call 608 405 6360 or email I will not respond to texts. Thanks for your cooperation.  
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