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"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~ Immanual Kant

"The dog was created especially for children.  He is the God of frolic." ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Spirited Puppies


Our puppies are AKC registered, which ensure that they are purebred GSDs and that their pedigrees are easily obtainable. Having pedigrees also ensures that the line-breeding of the pup, if any, is not too close. Inappropriate line-breeding refers to breeding daughter and father or brother and sister (inbreeding) and in my opinion granddaughter and grandfather. 


The pups will be dewormed at four and six weeks and a stool flotation test will be performed by my vet at their 9-10 week vet check. Our puppies receive a medical check at 9-10 weeks old, by a licensed D.V.M. You will receive a document from my veterinarian  stating that the pup is healthy and what a-typical findings were noted, if any.  

My breeding females have a blood test known as a nomograph. This blood test accurately tells me when the pups should receive their first vaccine. The nomograph is accepted by nearly 100% of vets as accurate. The nomograph measures the bitches' titers and based on the levels determines the optimal time to vaccinate the puppies. The distemper vaccine is generally administered between eight and ten weeks of age. The parvo vaccine is due between 12 and 14 weeks of age. Once the vaccines have been administered, it is very likely that your pup is immune for life. Titers can be checked as early as 2-3 weeks after the last vaccines was given.

If you choose not to follow the schedule, as per the nomograph, then we strongly recommend Dr. Jean Dodds minimal vaccination protocol.
Dr. Dodds is considered one of the foremost experts in pet healthcare. Dr. Dodds focuses on vaccination protocols, thyroid issues and nutrition. Her minimal vaccination protocol is equivalent to, not stressing out the dog's immune system by administering unnecessary vaccinations, or vaccinating more frequently than is absolutely necessary to ensure immunity. PLEASE CONSIDER titers at the one or three year (booster) vaccines, as your pup is likely immune for life. 


​While the pups are in our care, they will be fed a premade raw dog food. The pups are slowly transitioned to this premade raw after a couple of weeks of lean ground turkey or  ground chicken mixed with raw goat's milk. 

Please note: As the pups age they also enjoy a raw turkey neck, a raw chicken thigh or chicken leg. 


Research, Learn and become Knowledgeable about Vaccines.

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