Gunner (Tanner) vom Brimka Haus 

Hip: OFA: Good
Elbow: OFA Normal
  DM Clear
Tanner 9.JPG
Tanner vom Brimka Haus is a gorgeous, West German Showline German Shepherd Dog, with massive amounts of deep red and black coloring.  He is rock solid in temperament, and is a big boy weighing 96 pounds and standing 26 inches at the withers.  Tanner's structure is near perfect and he inherited his father's perfect backend.  Tanner also has a nice straight topline.    
Tanner is sired by V Walko vom Baruther Land, a German born dog who has a working title of IPO3, is Koreclassed KKL1 and show rated.  Tanner's dam is SG1 Flora vom Mittelwest.  Flora has an impressive pedigree with 18 VAs in her first four generations.  
We are expecting pups that match Tanner's type. Pups with a sweet loving, loyal, beautiful best friend type temperament, a take anywhere kind of dog.  Pups that would be described as intelligent, watchful, gentle and a goofball.    
Tanner lives in Southern WI with his owners Ken and Char.  He loves everyone he meets and welcomes them with a big heart.  Tanner especially  loves kids, and to that end sticks to them like glue. He has never been a jumper and will stop our other shepherd from jumping on people as they come in the door.  He loves walks and he can go on some long ones.  He looks forward to squirrel watching on his walks. He is not a ball chaser although he loves to chase birds flying from bushes in the yard.  It is one of his favorite past times.  Tanner is very attached to his owners and prefers to be as close to them as possible, by either sharing the couch with them or lying at their feet.

Tanner's OFA Documents