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Puppy Buyer Testimonials 

Our puppy buyers are our top priority, and we are proud to showcase the positive feedback from some of our puppy owners. We believe that our commitment to excellence and devotion to providing the best possible care for our puppies is reflected in the glowing testimonials from our puppy owners. From stories of successful new homes to heartfelt praise for our exemplary service, each testimonial shows how much our puppy buyers value the time, effort, and love that we put into our puppies. We are proud of the relationships we have established with our puppy buyers and thank each and everyone of our customers for their kind words.

Dog and Baby

"One thing about Brimka pups is they love their little humans just as much as the little humans love them. Each day he amazes Matt and I, and each day we are so grateful to have him with us. We love this guy more than anything and thank Laura for raising such amazing, well tempered pups. We are proud to say we have a Brimka Haus pup" ~ Rachel B. 


Gayton L.  from Milwaukee, WI writes...

"Laura is a wonderful person and great GSD breeder. I purchased Carlo from her 8 years ago and throughout the years she has always been open to questions. I highly recommend her breeding program!!"


Susan T.  from Naperville, IL writes...

"I got my puppy Ava, in the beginning of Jan, 2020. From the first contact I had with Laura of BrimkaHaus German Shepherds through eight months of puppyhood Laura has been and is the most caring and involved breeder I have ever worked with. I can’t list all the amazing things she does for both their physical and mental well-being because she is above and beyond what anyone would expect. I really just can’t say enough about you Laura! Feeding your dogs a raw food diet, playing classical music for the puppies in utero, delivery and then their first car ride, giving them a bath the night before they leave so they don’t have to go through that as they are transitioning, the ENS and  Puppy Culture protocol. It’s a very big list of incredible-ness !!  Thank you!  Thank you! I could not be happier with the fun, smart and very sweet Shepherd that I get to be dog mom to!!"



Lidia C.  from Madison, WI writes...

"Truth is that Laura is just an amazing and wonderful person❤️
My partner and I have a 9 month old puppy from Laura last year.
He’s an amazing boy and we couldn’t be happier on how he is and behaves. We would really recommend Laura to you and her puppies 🐶 ❤️"




Sheri W.  from Cambridge, WI writes...

"We have a 9 month old male, Volko, and are so happy with him. He’s a sweetie, even-tempered, smart, and trainable. We really enjoyed meeting Laura and her husband, and this group is a good resource."



Jeremy D.  from Davis, IL writes...

"We got Juna from Brimka Haus in 2018. Laura was great throughout the process. She was easy to communicate wth both before and after we took Juna home. I still reach out with an occasional question and always here back. I would definitely recommend Brimka Haus."



Carol A. from Lake Preston, SD writes...

"She is the best- her Puppies have human interaction from birth on and become part of the family just like their parents. They are socialize and her early puppy training program exposes them to about everything they may encounter late in life." 

Bailey Carol_edited.jpg


Kelly D.  from Oshkosh, WI writes...

"The absolute best breeder and dogs you could ask for. Our Laura is extremely knowledgeable with the breed, always open to answer any questions. All around a wonderful person with beautiful, well mannered, healthy dogs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brimka Haus" 

Kelly D_edited.jpg


Barb H.  from Greenbay, WI writes...

"Laura and family are like no other. When she has a litter of pups it is through passion and love. I have been researching breeders for years and there is NOT a one that does the things she does with her litters. She begins before the pups are even conceived and doesn't stop until you pick that pup up. She doesn't give her pups to just anyone. And is ALWAYS available for questions there after. BRIMKA HAUS IS THE BEST.  I am blessed to be in this group,. If anybody has knowledge of the GSD that's YOU! You are SIMPLY THE BEST. Hands down."



Natalia P.  from Rock  Springs,WI writes...

"This is our 2 (almost 3) year old Jaxon. We are so grateful for our beautiful, smart, sweet boy. Laura has been so supportive since the day we met her and I still remember seeing tears in her years when we came to pick him up 🥹 she educated us on raw feeding, over vaccinations, flea and tick approach, she introduced us to dr Karen Becker who I have been following ever since and getting all the information I need to provide the best care for our dogs. She is always there when you have questions and need an advice. Brimka Haus is truly the best and one of a kind. Thank you for being you, Laura ♥️"


Rachel P.  from Idaho writes...

"She does an amazing job keeping information on health up to date in the group for us to help our pals have a longer, healthier chance at life. She puts in the effort because she truly loves everyone of her pups.❤️ Her daughter, Holly, is so good with working with the dogs and pups too and they definitely have a passion for raising them right with a good foundation. If I have any questions she’s more than willing to help as best as she can. She’s open and honest with any questions.
My boy Ragnar never wants to displease. Especially if training is put in he can be a very solid boy. Never once did I have to work on him not running away because he always was looking out for my two young girls. Even as a very small puppy he’d see them going too far and run and circle them. He takes his job seriously. My sister said he made her fall in love with German Shepherds. He loves his humans and especially me.❤️ He’s now two."

Ragnar 6_edited.jpg


Lyn J.  from Oregon, WI writes...

"I highly recommend Laura and Bobs breeding program!! You will not find another breeder who puts as much research, care, time and love in their pups and Mamma dogs! I purchased Finn in April of 2017, he's a rockstar and adopted one of Bob and Laura's retired mamma dogs, Egga in march of 2022. 3 of my friends have also purchased pups from Brimka Haus. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, you will not be disappointed with a Brimka Haus pup!"

Finn 1_edited.jpg


Anonymous  from Middleton,WI writes...

"All the dogs are raised in their home not in a kennel. The pups are reared in the house where mama is comfortable and there is lots of activity. The puppies are well socialized and handled—go back and look at some of her videos where she and her family are running the pups through different obstacles and situations. Also look at how the different pups react differently to those situations. Laura is careful in selecting which pup goes to which family based on the pup’s temperament and the family situation. They are all raw fed, sound, and healthy."

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