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V Walko vom Baruther Land 

German Import, IPO3, KKL1
Walko retired.PNG
Hip: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
Elbow: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
ZW 76   DM Clear
Walko my boy.JPG
UPDATE: Walko is living out his retirement years with his family at Brimka Haus. He is spoiled and pampered, as he should be.  He is in good health and we hope he lives for many more years.  He is an older boy, born in 2009. The very fortunate Brimka pup owners who are privileged to own one of Walko's pups will enjoy Walko's amazing temperament and perfect structure through his offspring. 
Walko vom Baruther Land  is a gorgeous, West German Showline German Shepherd Dog.  He was born in Germany.  Walko is a substantial male, weighing 90 pounds.  He has a strikingly beautiful black and red plush coat, with lots of black throughout his chest and head.  Walko has an outstanding pedigree with an impressive 16 VAs in his first four generations. Walko is an excellent example of the breed standard.
Walko became part of the Brimka Haus family in October of 2016. Walko is a bit of a Velcro boy and is most at ease when at my side.  However he is a lover all of people.  When I took Walko to the WI Dog Fair he accepted petting from many different people from all stages of life, even a few in wheelchairs.  He thrives on human attention.  He loves children and puppies.  He is my take anywhere dog.  Love this boy! He is an obedient boy and is eager to please. 
I have been truly blessed with three incredible German import boys (Quantum being my first, and Bax my third!) with similar temperaments, beauty, structure and working abilities.  My family and I are so very proud to own and love Walko and Bax here at Brimka Haus and Quantum from afar.  My cup runneth over.  

Walko's Breed Survey, what follows are the judges comments.

"Large, medium bone strength, lightweight building stretching, very good pigmentation. Good expression, normal withers, straight, firm back, good length and situation of the croup. Good advantage, very good rear angulation. Good chest proportions, correct front.​ With even step sequence he shows very expansive, ​flowing gait with powerful supply and free precedence. Being firm with pigment.

V. Amazingly well pigmented male with very good rear systems.

Walko's Pedigree & DM Clear Status 



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