V Bax von der Karl-May Höhle 

German Import, IPO3, KKL
Hip: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
Elbow: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
ZW 79   DM Carrier
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Bax von der Karl-May Höhle is a gorgeous, West German Showline German Shepherd Dog.  Bax was born in Germany and is an average sized male.  He has a strikingly beautiful black and red plush coat, with lots of black throughout his chest and head.  Bax has a short muzzle and a beautiful head.  Bax has an outstanding pedigree with a German lineage that would impress even the breeders in Germany.  Bax is an excellent example of the breed standard.
Bax became part of the Brimka Haus family in October of 2020. Bax is very attached to Holly who is my dog whisperer.  Bax sleeps with Holly and goes for a nightly walk around the neighborhood.  Bax is a very sweet boy and a lover all of people.  He thrives on human attention.  Bax has almost an identical temperament to Walko.  They are both a take anywhere type of dog.   
I have been truly blessed with three incredible German import boys (Quantum being my first, Walko my second) with similar temperaments, beauty, structure and working abilities.  My family and I are so very proud to own and love Walko and Bax here at Brimka Haus and Quantum from afar.  My cup runneth over.  

Bax's Breed Survey, what follows are the judges comments.

"Medium-sized, medium-strong, very well pigmented, normal head, high withers, firm back. Croup somewhat short in a good location. Good fore and aft angulation, good chest, straight front. Stepping straight in front, behind he stands and walks tight. He shows good gait when moving. Essence sure, TSB pronounced.
V. Really medium-sized male with very good pigmentation.


Bax's Pedigree, and Hip & Elbow Certs 

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