SG Egga von Mining 

Bosnia Import, IPO1
Hip: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
Elbow: SV: HD (a-normal) a1
ZW 86   DM Clear
Egga von Mining is a gorgeous, West German Showline German Shepherd Dog.  She was born in Bosnia.  Egga is an average sized girl, weighing 71 pounds.  She has a strikingly beautiful black and red plush coat, a dark black mask and lots of deep red and black throughout.  Egga is sired by V Batman del Seprio and her dam is VA2 Marit von Mining. Egga is an excellent example of the breed standard.
Egga became part of the Brimka Haus family in June of 2019. Egga is a very sweet dog and loves everyone she meets.  She enjoys the outdoors and rolling in the grass.  She loves to chase a ball and play with a jolly ball.   

Egga's Pedigree & DM Clear Status