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Kairos vom Brimka Haus 

Hip: OFA: Good
Elbow: OFA Normal
  DM Clear
Kairos line breeding.PNG
Kairos vom Brimka Haus is a gorgeous, West German Showline German Shepherd Dog, with massive amounts of deep red coloring.  He is rock solid in temperament, has massive bone and a large blocky head.  Kairos' (Kai) structure is near perfect.  He has a nice straight topline.  A very nice back end, standing with his back toes under his frame with his toes pointing forward.  Kai is not roached in the back and is not cow-hocked as so many WGSL are. 
Kai is sired by SG Quantum vom Haus Wendl, a German born dog who had a working title of IPO1, was Koreclassed KKL1  and show rated.  Kai's dam is SG1 Flora vom Mittelwest.  Flora has 18 VAs in her first four generations.  

We are expecting pups that match Kai's type. Pups with a bomb prof temperament, a take anywhere kind of dog and pups with big bone and spectacular vibrant coloring.  

Kai lives in southern WI with his owners Norm and Patti.   He loves to bark at the doorbell, but once the visitor is allowed in, he’s curious and wants to say hi.  Kai like most sheppies likes to be near his pet parents and is never far away.  He is generally not a pesky boy and enjoys some independence.  But if Kai wants you to "play ball" he can be annoying as heck. Kai is ball motivated and has a decent amount of ball drive.  He is a perfect gentlemen in the car and sits in the backseat like a big hairy kid. He is very social with people and when on walks he seems to like attention from passerbys. He is social with large and small dogs. When taken to the DIY Big Box stores Kai marches in like he owns the place, very confident and social with all the strangers.  Kai loves to swim and hang out with his pet parents and his half sister Greta.  But what Kai likes the most is to work.  He has earned his BH and is is also a proficient tracker.

Kairos' OFA & DM  documents 

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